Who are the organizers and sponsors?

YEDAB was founded in May 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey, as a result of years of continuous efforts to create maximum awareness for the international education sector. Since foundation, YEDAB has primarily acted as a bridge between agencies and schools and continues to perform outstanding work.

In response to feedback and requests received from our members and schools, YEDAB has identified that the Middle East and Central Asia regions have particularly acute issues uniting schools and agencies together and therefore we believe we can address this gap. After meetings with IEFT, one of the leading fair organization companies here in Turkey with 16 years’ experience organizing overseas education fairs, the idea for EuroAsia was born. We are initiating the Middle East & Central Asia Focus EuroAsia Workshop, the first of which will take place in October 2017, and we are confident it will open new doors for the overseas education community.

We are delighted to announce that our very first Euroasia Agent Workshop recently held on the 26-28th October 2017 has gained brilliant success. Where Continents Meet in the city of Istanbul, we brought together 70 educators from 57 different institutions and 120 agent representatives from 35 countries encompassing the Middle East and Central Asia. The business meeting percentage for the participating schools at EuroAsia Workshop reached 82%.

Who is IEFT?

  • 16 years of business experience
  • Over 20,000 prospective students and families visiting every event
  • Fairs organized in 3 largest cities in Turkey
  • 150 universities, colleges and language school exhibitors from 25 countries taking place in the fairs

IEFT was founded in 2001 as an organization committed to bringing quality education providers together with motivated students and their families. Our aim is to create greater visibility for the many “study abroad” options available around the globe.

The IEFT Fair is the largest and most prestigious student recruitment event in Turkey, organizing its events twice a year in the country’s three biggest cities; Istanbul (3 days), Ankara (1 day) and Izmir (1 day). It attracts over 20,000 prospective and motivated students and parents from Turkey who are seeking to study abroad.

The IEFT Fairs will take place in the same week as the Euroasia Agents Workshop, hosting around 150 universities, colleges and language schools from 20 different countries who offer undergraduate, postgraduate, high school and language courses and summer programs at every event.

Who is YEDAB?

YEDAB was founded in May 2013, as a result of years of continuous efforts to create maximum awareness for the international education sector. The aim of our association has been to bring unity and cooperation to the sector.

Our association conducts its activities by establishing a correct and distinct legislation for our sector, determining a specified framework for service standards and professional expertise, and finally, setting out a structure managed by the association itself. Meanwhile, monitoring activities are carried out by official authorities by creating a unified legislation.

YEDAB’s headquarters are based in Istanbul and it has members consisting of over 50 educational agents in Turkey, while it has also achieved excellent and strong links with other agents in neighboring countries.

YEDAB also welcomes any agents from Greater Middle East and Central Asian countries as joint members in order to connect countries through education.

YEDAB offers you a one year free membership to take advantage of its benefits. For more information, please visit: www.yedab.org.tr